Have you seen my Mini Jazz please?

Its all white profilm covered small 30 inch wingspan aerobatic plane, black canopy, carbon undercarriage, 5 mini servos, with a rare OS LA 15 engine which has a very distinctive blue finish.

Thanks in anticipation


Hi All Members,

Our landlord has brought to my attention, that members may be leaving the gate open, during flying times and at the end of the day.

I believe it's important that we do not upset our landlord by our actions, so I propose to remind members, that they should not pass through the gate without closing it behind them, even if they discovered it open when they arrive. Please take the responsibility to close the gate after you pass through it.

May I remind all members that the last member to leave the site is responsible for ensuring that if the gate lock is present that they should lock the gate. If the landlord doesn't require the gate to be locked, he will temporary remove the gate lock, therefore if the lock is present and you are the last to pass through the gate, the member is responsible for locking the gate.

Thank you for diligence

Club Sec

I urge you all to go and read the BMFA publication dated 26th April 2019,  here

It suggests that model flying is about to get a little more expensive, looks likely that we'll be charged £16.50 per year to be registered as an owner of Remotely Piloted Vehicles and will also separately have to register and pass basic safety tests as a pilot.

We should all read the BMFA, and then follow the link to the consultation doc and have our say, and perhaps we and the BMFA can head this off, if not we'll be paying for it and I suspect it'll drive a few people away from the hobby, which may result in subsequent higher charges.



Hi Folks.

I am creating a small static display for a WWI commemorative event to be held here in Welshampton on 10th November 2018. I have my Fokker EV as an example of the German forces but it would be good if there was a similar sized (6th scale) representative of the Allied forces. Has anyone got something they would be prepared to loan me for this event? It would of course be well looked after and much appreciated. 


Bob Richards

I have just purchased a new Ripmax WOT4 Foam E Mk2+.  As I know the WOT 4 is popular, I am posting this to seek advice on the battery position, as it is very unclear to me what it should be..

The battery hatch contains a loose ESC, a velcro strip on the wall, and the battery can go in at an angle or could conceivably lay horizontal.  The velcro strip will not go around a 3S 2200mAh battery - so is it for the ESC?   Is it sensible to have a loose ESC?  Should the battery be horizontal or on the slope?  What is the best way to fix the battery in the hatch to stop it moving around?

Any advice would be gratefully received either on the website or by email    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thanks in advance.

Adrian Thorn