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These models are for sale. All have been flown but not within the last two years

All are set up for mode 1 ( rt hand throttle)

Most have relevant motor/ receiver/speed controller. Later models have 2.4 receiver. Earlier have crystal type probably 71 or 80

All purchases as seen at 70 priory Ridge SY39EJ call me at 01743 361686

Ron Shone

SUPER 60 with ailerons SOLD
LA46 four stroke
Good flyer    £50

super 60

Bristol Fighter F2OS 52 FOUR STROKE 72” SPAN ball/socket £60 SOLD

bristol fighter

foam electric Newer version of glow powered 3 cell 1800-2200 lipo’s 2.4 receiver


acrowot foam

UNICORN flying wing - SOLD
Nothing wrong with it’s flying ability but it needs a recover
I will supply a full reel of the appropriate 3”tape
Receiver/ sp controller
unicorn wing

NEWTIMER electric polyhedral wings(+spare pair) 3 channel. Brushed sp controller £25

high performance electric sailplane 76” span plan/ instruction manual £60

lift off

Glow powered WOT4 Classic SOLD
with JEN 56 two stroke Spare pair of wings with this one with air brakes £45
wot4 classic

very little used Vg condition
Hacker motor, uses 4 cell 4000 battery supplied
Manual    spectrum receiver

sebart 32E 30


MINIHYPE fully aerobatic
slow flyer
Not new but plenty of life in it yet
OS MAX 40 peg 80 receiver £40

Ultrastick electric fully aerobatic
Receiver and sp controller
36”span            £30


 MINIMAG foam four channel
Takes 1000  3cell lipo


WACO biplane SOLD
by Sportsman Aviation
Overpowered byA91 thunder tigre
58” span manual

waco biplane

 F16 J10b foam fighter
Internal fan propulsion uses 1800-2200 3cell lipo
650mm span

F16 j10b foam fighter

 PULSE 25 XTE by E flite
Uses 1800-2200 3 cell

pulse 25 XTE

by Kyosho
Powered by 52OS four stroke
For a spitfire this is an easy flyer and looks good in the air
Mechanical retracts manual 1440mm span £50

spitfire 40

Ex tony Jackson model so you know its been well built
58” span, wing bags in bubble wrap nice condition
OS 52 four stroke.
flair pupeteer

E FLITE UMX AS3X about 15”span ultra lightweight
In it’s own ‘hanger box’ single cell lipo’s
Includes dry cell charger 2.4 receiver £30
eflite UMX AS3X

E FLITE biplane 4SITE 3D lightweight
Single cell lipo’s 15” span
Slow flyer, £30
eflite bip lane 4SITE

Robbe 50 Helicopter
Webra 60?motor, spare blade and bits.including another canopy
This was demo model for Black country models and is a super flyer but never did have the bottle to fly it away?
Instructions/receiver £90 
robbe 50 helicopter

Blade Helicopter HP6DSM with dedicated transmitter Storage/ carrying box takes 1000 ,3 cell lipo
2.4 receiver spare blades, smooth
Was £195 new

blade helicopter HP6DSM

with dedicated transmitter
And CD setup, spare blades,get home GPS, All in storage box
Fussy setup ,need to orientate to flying field Cost about £250 but now £50
QR X350 quadcopter2QR X350 quadcopter1


Chasing another plane, via FPV is hard, see here:

and here, sorry its boring


For sale is an FrSky X12s Horus with two S6R receivers. This belongs to a friend, Les Wood. I know it's history and know also that has been little used and is in excellent condition. It is flashed with Open Tx LBT meaning it is legally compliant in the UK. For those that are not familiar with Open Tx it is one of the most powerful transmitter operating systems you can have, including extensive telemetry options. if not used before expect a steep learning curve but I could also assist.

It comes with two 6 channel receivers plus full harness and tray bars.
£600 when new with all the add ons, Les is looking for £400

I can be contacted on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Martin Oldershaw
SMFC Secretary

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